The Dooples’ stories began in Dr. Lynn Hunter’s first grader classroom as a method to motivate young children to read and learn. Each day she told a new part of the escapades of the Dooples and the alphabet. By the end of the year, the children were reading and loved learning!


The Dooples adventures have been apart of classrooms in classrooms around the world. In addition “Meet the Author”readings through videoconferencing with classes around the world. With rhyme, rhythm and repetition, the stories, videos and music make learning entertaining and fun, the stories, videos and music make learning entertaining and fun, The Dooples’ adventures enchant children from pre-kindergarten through grade 3.


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E-books in Chinese of Meet the Dooples and The Dooples and the Shapes

The Dooples come to life in a variety of formats. From adventure story books with accompanying parent guides and animated videos to lively music that sets the live, theatrical and animated version of The Dooples in the Land of Doo. Children in classrooms communicate with Dr. Hunter through “Meet the Author” video conferences, reading silently and as a group, they write their own versions of the continuing adventures, draw and make their own models of the characters, perform live performances of the adventures and make up Doople Games.

At home, children seem to not be able to put the books down, asking their parents to read the stories over and over.

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VIDEO CONFERENCING in the classroom

Interactive “Meet the author” series with Dr. Lynn Hunter

Current advances in the electronic information and education arena, coupled with the growing desire among parents to provide enriched stimulation for their children, create the ideal platform for “The Dooples.” The children’s marketplace is exploding, as it is being re-defined. With the advent of the digital age, it is imperative that the role of the participant become pro-active. With its adaptability and compatibility to all facets of modern media technology, “The Doople” will take its place among the most prominent children’s media.

Once a child can learn to read, he or she can read to learn. Mathematics (reasoning, problem solving, and critical thinking) is becoming more and more important in order to compete in our ever-changing global community. Research has indicated that the world of play is the most positive environment in which learning can take place. Accordingly, “The Dooples” is designed to integrate mathematics, reading and thinking into the world of play—the formula for establishing true literacy.This systematic approach to learning, achieved through “edu-tainment,” is the perfect vehicle for the young child. The Dooples enhance an appreciation for literature, language, mathematics, science and social studies/skills as a total experience. Herein lies the broad base appeal for both the home and school markets.


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Books: A three book introductory trilogy for the animated series has been published in English, Chinese, and Spanish, complete with instructional guides, accompanying DVDs produced by students who “grew up” on the Dooples. These books are already in use in elementary school classrooms, where they have been adopted as a vital tool in encouraging literacy and curiosity through play and exploration.


Video Games, iBook Applications and software


The Company will rely on social media to spread its message of convenience, quality, and value. Cross-marketing efforts include interaction with YouTube videos, Facebook pages, website, Twitter and blogging applications.


In today’s marketplace branding is essential. “The Dooples” will look to develop an identity that resonates with parents, children, the media, and the educational community. The Company will encourage adoption of its learning tools through a variety of advertising techniques designed to spread brand awareness, facilitated by its vibrant logo that will be featured on all marketing materials for The Dooples. Utilizing music, animation and the child’s imagination, the colorful Doople characters will engage in aggressive marketing and merchandising to make it a household name. “The Dooples” episodes will be available in DVD and audio formats, offering different instructional methods to accommodate a variety of learning styles. “The Dooples” will branch into dozens of ancillary products: branded clothing, lunchboxes, toys, and much more. As “The Dooples” become a household name, the merchandising possibilities will be unlimited